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The Worthington Stamp Club was founded in 1960 and presently boasts a membership of 75. Annual dues are $15.00 per person and $20.00 per couple. A junior membership is $5.00. A $5.00 initiation fee is charged on a one-time basis to new members. A membership application can be obtained by mail or by attending one of the semi-monthly meetings. You are welcome to download a copy here.

Guests are always welcome at the meetings! We encourage you to attend and be introduced to other local collectors. Interests run from casual to expert level in a huge array of collecting areas.

Most meetings consist of a brief business meeting followed by a presentation by one of our members. Many members have made philatelic collecting a life long hobby. With a room full of knowledge and experience, Worthington Stamp Club meetings are educational, interesting, and most of all lots of fun! After meetings we usually adjourn to a local pizza pub for fellowship. In fact, most of the horse-trading, buying, and selling of stamps and covers take place at this “meeting”. A great deal of “show and tell” takes place along with good fellowship.

The club holds an annual bourse and exhibit the first weekend in December.

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